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About us

Our Mission:

To provide culturally appropriate education, tools and services that reduce harm, and empower/strengthen Latinx Youth and Families in King County to promote physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, encourage drug free youth, and bring equity and justice to our communities.


  1. Honesty

  2. Transparency

  3. Empathy

  4. Respect

  5. Diplomacy

  6. Consistent Quality

  7. Advocacy

  8. Following best practices

  9. Respect historical differences

  10. Promote healing


  • Promote the wellbeing in families to prevent substance misuse, violence, poverty and homelessness.

  • Reduce Drugs and Alcohol use/misuse and reduce harms from cannabis, tobacco/vape, Delta 8, fentanyl and other opiates, stimulants and psychoactive substances, through education and action to change policies and promote healthy environments and norms.

  • Address the underlying factors that prevent mental health and wellbeing in the community through appropriate and relevant strategies to address depression, suicide, stress and trauma and meet basic needs.

  • Build community capacity through appropriate and relevant youth and adult education, outreach, and community events organized by and for latinx youth and families and access to digital literacy.

  • Build confident youth and parent leadership to increase the voice of Latinx families to advocate for policies and resources that best fill gaps and address community needs.

  • Create a safe place to assist families to learn and navigate systems and access resources (ie connect to behavioral health, access 24 hour help line).

  • Utilize local data and research to meet community needs and advocate for additional resources.

Thank you to our funders!

The Dream Coalition is supported by Neighborhood House with grants from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Latino Community Fund of Washington, SAMHSA, and Washington State Department of Health.

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